+ - * : / Plus, minus, multiplication, division.
Multiplication sign * is not necessary and can be omitted.
() [] () Grouping symbols:
Using different types of grouping symbols (parentheses, brackets, braces) for clarity of nested expressions is optional but not necessary.
p (x, n)
Exponentiation xn.

Instead of ^, you can also type a single quote ' or a double quote ".
If you don't use p(), make sure that arguments composed by sub-expressions such as additions, subtractions, multiplications or divisions, are clearly marked off by being completely enclosed into parentheses, brackets or braces.
root (x, n) "n-th" root of x
sqrt (x) Square root of x. Equivalent to root (x, 2)
cbrt (x) Cube root of x. Equivalent to root (x, 3)